Sherri Davis
Sherri DavisCEO/Founder
Sherri Davis has been working with dogs for 20+ years. From an early age she managed to have this connection with them.
Lynne Bradley
Lynne BradleyTrainer

After retiring as a high school educator Lynne has volunteered with our team for over 10 years now. With a passion for dogs Lynne has grown with us over the years, as titled dogs in obedience, has a active working SAR dog and has completed all levels of training. She assists on movie sets, training classes, and the general operation.

Victoria Manson
Victoria MansonAssistant Manager
Victoria is a great attribute to our team, as one of the newer members. She has been with us for 2 years and has completed all levels of training. She has also titled dogs in obedience. She is now one of our lead wranglers in our movie sets. With her direct approach she has proved to be able to handle herself in a very professional manner in stressful situations. She currently assists in all classes. Victoria is continually surprising us with her abilities and success within the company.
UncleHead of Security

From a young age Uncle’s dream was always to work at a dog training facility. As the right hand man at BRB he’s not only in charge of security but he’s one of many of our famous dogs, that have been in movies, commercials, live performances, and still photography. Always eager to please, you will find uncle manning the desk at all times.